A circle is a special type of polygon. A circle can have up to 256 associated IDs. Circles are shown with a combination of line style, line color, fill pattern, fill color, and Primary ID label.


This is a circle object

 with fill properties.


Drawing a Circle

To draw a circle:

  1. Click the Draw | Circle command or click the button.

  2. The cursor changes into a cross hair to indicate drawing mode.

  3. Enter any information about the circle, such as the ID, in the Property Manager.

  4. There are two methods to draw a circle: the three-point method or the center-radius method. The circle digitizing options are set in Tools | Project Settings | General.

    1. When the Use 3 Point Method box is checked, circles are defined by clicking on three points. A circle with a perimeter intersecting the three points is automatically entered after the third point is clicked. Click on any three points that lie on the outside edge of the circle.

    2. When the Use 3 Point Method box is not checked, circles are defined by the center-radius method. Click the first point at the center of the circle. Click the second point at any point on the outer edge of the circle. The circle is drawn when you click the outer-edge point.

  5. Press the ESC key or click another tool button to end draw mode.


Editing Circle Properties

The circle can be edited by clicking once on the circle to select it.  Polygon object properties are displayed in the Property Manager. Polygon object properties include:

Polygon Item Properties

Data Attributes

Line Properties

Fill Properties

Label Properties


Default Properties

The default line and fill properties are set by clicking the Tools | Project Settings command and clicking on the Line Properties or Fill Properties tabs.


Using a Digitizing Tablet

When using the tablet pointer to digitize a polygon,

  1. Calibrate the tablet by clicking the Draw | Tablet | Tablet Calibration command, or by clicking the image\calibrate.png button.

  2. Activate the tablet by pressing F9 on the keyboard, clicking the image\activate.png button, or clicking the Draw | Tablet | Activate Tablet command.



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