Label Properties

Didger lets you position labels many different ways with respect to point, polyline, or polygon objects. The Label Position Editor is available through the Property Manager under the Label Properties section.


Set the label position and label font

properties in the Label Position Editor dialog.


Label Field Name

The Available Fields list contains the IDs available for labels. Select the ID containing the label information from the list. Once the ID is selected, click the Add button to add the label to the project. Alternatively, if you do not want a field labeled that has been added to the list, highlight it in the Label Field Name column and click the Remove button.


Font Properties

To change the font properties of the labels, highlight a label in the Label Field Name list and click the Font button.


Remove Label

Click on a label in the Label Field Name list to select it and click the Remove button to remove the label from the object.


Label Position

The label position options change according to the type of object selected. The view window displays the options as you chose them.


Point and Polygon Labels

The point and polygon label positions are controlled through the following options.


Polyline Labels

The polyline label positions are controlled through the following options.


When you select Position Along Line, you can use two fields to position the label:


When you choose Position From Line Extent, the label is placed relative to the center of the polyline's bounding box. Select from the list to place the label either in the Center point of the bounding box, or to the Left, Right, Top, or Bottom of the center of the bounding box.



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