Creating Several Objects with Different IDs

You can create several objects without selecting the Symbol, Polyline, Polygon, Circle, or Rectangle command each time. In this case, you can create the object and enter the unique Object IDs for each object after it is digitized. For example, you might have several well locations on a map with different well names and different data values (such as water depth or contaminant values) and want to quickly enter the points into your Didger project. Didger makes this easy by following these steps.


To enter IDs after digitizing objects:

  1. Choose the appropriate command from the Draw menu or click a drawing button on the toolbar.

  2. In the Property Manager,

    1. Specify the properties you want to apply to the objects, such as the symbol, line color, or fill color.

    2. In the Increment Settings section, check the box next to the Enter Data After Creation option.

    3. In the Increment Settings section, check the box next to the Create Several option.

  3. Move the pointer over the first location and click to draw the object, following the steps on the object help page.

  4. When the object is finished, the Enter Object Data dialog appears. Enter the IDs for the object just created and click OK.

  5. Continue drawing the rest of the objects and entering the IDs associated with each object.

  6. When you have drawn the last object, either use the mouse to click another button on the toolbar or press the ESC key on the keyboard to end drawing mode.



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