Creating Several Objects with Sequential IDs

There might be times when you have several objects with sequential IDs. In this case, you can use the auto increment settings to automatically assign the IDs as you digitize the objects. In this case, you do not have to choose the Draw command for each object to be digitized.


To automatically increment IDs:

  1. Choose the appropriate command from the Draw menu or click a drawing button on the toolbar.

  2. In the Property Manager,

    1. Specify the properties you want to apply to the objects in the Property Manager.

    2. In the Increment Settings section, uncheck the box next to the Enter Data After Creation option.

    3. In the Increment Settings section, uncheck the box next to the Create Several option.

    4. In the Increment Settings section, check the box next to the Auto Increment option.

    5. Specify the Starting Increment Value, Ending Increment Value, Increment Value, ID Prefix, and ID Suffix to use.

  3. Move the pointer over the first location and click to draw the object. The new object is drawn in the project, using the first ID based on the increment settings.

  4. Continue clicking on the objects and the Primary ID is sequentially changed based on the Increment Value. After the last object is digitized (based on the Ending Increment Value), the pointer returns to the select mode.




As an example, suppose you want to draw 5 objects with the prefix of MW- and no suffix. Object names should be MW-1, MW-2, MW-3, MW-4, and MW-5. Set the Starting Increment Value to 1, the Ending Increment Value to 5, the Increment Value to 1, the ID Prefix to MW-, and leave the ID Suffix empty. Click on the screen in five locations and the five symbols with the object names MW-1, MW-2, MW-3, MW-4, and MW-5 are created.


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