Click the Draw | Text command or click the button to create a text object. Unlike a label, text objects are not directly associated with other object types. The typeface, size, style, alignment, opacity, and color can be set for individual characters in a text blocks.


This is a text object with selected text properties.


Drawing Text

To create text:

  1. Click the Draw | Text command, or click the button.

  2. The cursor changes to a cross hair. Left-click in the plot window where you want text to appear.

  3. Enter text into the Text Editor dialog.

  4. Highlight the text to be changed and set the properties by clicking the appropriate button or option in the Text Editor dialog. The math text instructions are not used in this dialog.

  5. Click OK to return to the plot window.

  6. The text appears inside a movable, sizable text box. Click on the box and drag it to move the box to the desired location.


Editing Text Properties

The text can be edited in the Text Editor. To edit existing text content, double-click on the text to open the Text Editor, or click on the text and click the <Click here to modify the text> next to the Modify Text option in the Property Manager.


Text Properties

Text object properties can be modified through the Property Manager. Text object properties include:

Text Item Properties

Text Properties


Default Properties

The default text properties are set by clicking the Tools | Project Settings command and clicking on the Text Properties tab.



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