Break Polyline

Click on a polyline to select it and click the Draw | Edit Boundaries | Break Polyline command or click the button. The cursor changes to .  Click anywhere along the length of the polyline. Two polylines are created, one on each side of the break.


If the Break Polyline command is not available, the polyline may not be on the current layer. Click on the layer that the polyline is on in the Layer Manager to select the proper layer before selecting the Break Polyline command.


To break a polyline:

  1. Click on a polyline on the current layer to select it.

  2. Click the Draw | Edit Boundaries | Break Polyline command.

  3. Move the pointer over the position along the polyline you wish to cut.

  4. Click on this position.

A beginning and ending node are created at the clicked position indicating that two polylines are created. Both new polylines use the original polyline IDs and line properties.

Select a polyline and then choose the

Draw | Edit Boundaries | Break Polyline command.


To rename or change any of the properties of the new polylines, click on the new polyline to select it. Edit the properties in the Property Manager or change the IDs in the Data Manager.



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