Snap Undershoot Polylines

Click the Draw | Edit Boundaries | Snap Undershoot Polylines command to snap all existing polylines to adjacent polylines that fall within the snap tolerance. The adjacent polyline is broken and the undershoot polyline is snapped to the new point of intersection. The resultant product is three polyline segments. Polylines are only snapped to other polylines on the same layer.


The graphic on the left shows an undershoot.

After using Draw | Edit Boundaries | Snap Undershoot Polylines,

the undershoot  is connected to the top polyline and

the top polyline is broken into two segments.


Note: if a polyline intersects with another polyline, it is discarded from the Snap Undershoot Polylines operation. The Snap Undershoot Polylines command does not work with intersecting line segments. Use the Trim Overshoot Polylines instead.



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