Selecting Objects

To delete an object, change an object's properties, or to use some editing tools, the object must be selected first. There are several ways to select objects in Didger.


Selecting Objects and Digitizing Tablets

A digitizing tablet cannot be activated to select an object. If the tablet is activated, press the F9 key to return the puck to the Windows pointer mode. Then, you can use the tablet pointer like a mouse to select objects.


Selecting Objects with the Data Manager

Objects may be selected using the Data Manager. To display the Data Manager, click the View | Toolbars/Managers command and check the Data Manager option. Once displayed, click on the object you wish to select in the Data Manager list. The object is then selected in the plot window. Objects cannot be selected on uneditable layers.


To select multiple objects in the Data Manager, press and hold the CTRL key on the keyboard and select additional objects in the Data Manager. To select multiple adjacent objects, click on the first object, press and hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard, and click on the last object. All objects between the first and last object are selected. To access the plot window commands, click on the plot window title bar or in the gray area surrounding the project to activate the plot window.


Selecting Objects in the Plot Window

To select a single object in the plot window, move the pointer over the object using the mouse, puck, pen, or arrow keys. When the pointer is over the desired object, click the left mouse button, click the puck or pen digitize button, or press the SPACEBAR on the keyboard. A bounding box appears around the selected object, and the selected object has red dots drawn on it.


If an object other than the one you want is selected, press and hold the CTRL key on the keyboard and continue clicking with the mouse until the desired object is selected. Any objects that were previously selected become deselected.


To select two or more objects in the plot window, press and hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard while clicking on additional objects. This retains previously selected objects and includes the newly selected objects. Press and hold both the CTRL and SHIFT keys on the keyboard to select several overlapping objects in the plot window.


Select All

The Edit | Select All command is used to select all objects in the plot window. Pressing the CTRL+A keys on the keyboard performs the same command.


Invert Selection

The Edit | Invert Selection command selects all unselected objects and deselects all selected objects. This command is useful for selecting a large number of objects and leaving a few isolated objects unselected. Select the objects you do not want selected and use the Invert Selection command.


Selected Object Appearance

An object is selected if there is a bounding box surrounding an object. The selected object appears with red dots drawn on it. The number of selected objects appears in the status bar, and the object is highlighted in the Data Manager.


Selecting Objects with Queries

You can also select objects based on queries. See the Criteria Select for more information.



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