Trim Overshoot Polylines

Click the Draw | Edit Boundaries | Trim Overshoot Polylines command to snap all existing polylines to adjacent polylines when the two polylines intersect each other. If the two lines intersect and one of the end nodes is within the snap tolerance value of the other line. the intersecting polylines are broken at the point of intersection. The overshoot portion of the polyline is trimmed and removed from the project. The resultant product is three polyline segments. Polylines are only snapped to other polylines on the same layer.


The graphic on the left shows an overshoot. After using Draw |

Edit Boundaries | Trim Overshoot Polylines, the overshoot is connected

to the top polyline and the top polyline is broken into two segments.


Note: If a polyline does not intersect with another polyline, but is within the snap tolerance, the Trim Overshoot Polylines command will not snap the lines together. Use the Snap Undershoot Polylines command instead.



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