Click on an single object to select it and click the Draw | Reshape command, click the  button, or press CTRL+R on the keyboard to move, add, and delete vertices within a selected polyline, polygon, spline polyline, or spline polygon.


After clicking the Draw | Reshape command, all of the vertices in the selected object are shown with hollow squares. Click on a vertex to select it. The selected vertex is indicated by a solid black square.


There are a number of special keys that control the reshape operation:

When you are done reshaping the object, press the ENTER key or click the button. The polyline or polygon is redrawn in the new shape.

When Reshape is selected, the vertices that make up

the object are shown by small hollow squares. A

selected vertex is shown as a solid black square.


An object can also be reshaped by selecting it and editing the vertex coordinates in the Coordinate Manager.  



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