Lesson 1 - Tablet Calibration - Tutorial

If you own a digitizing tablet, it can be used to transform paper documents into digital documents. A tablet is calibrated to create a relationship between the tablet coordinates and your project coordinates. The first step in calibration is selecting between three and 255 calibration points and determining the map XY coordinates for these calibration points. The calibration points cannot fall into a straight line and should be spread out around the document as much as possible. Four calibration points are selected on the tutorial map and labeled CP1 through CP4.


If you do not have a digitizing tablet, go to Lesson 2 - Image Calibration.


The following sections are included in Lesson 1 - Tablet Calibration:

Opening and Printing the Tutorial Map

Calibrating a Digitizing Tablet

Tablet Calibration Wizard Coordinate System Settings

Create Calibration Points

RMS Calibration Settings

Calibration Settings

Specify Project Limits and Scale


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