Opening and Printing the Tutorial Map - Tutorial

To print the tutorial map for tablet calibration and digitizing:

  1. Click the File | Import command or click the button.

  2. In the Import dialog, browse to the Samples directory. By default, this is c:\Program Files\Golden Software\Didger 5\Samples. Click on the Tutorial Map.jpg and click Open.

  3. In the Image Registration and Warping dialog, click the Un-referenced button near the bottom right corner to import the map in an unreferenced format.

  4. Click the File | Print command or click the button.

  5. In the Print dialog, select Fit to Page as the Print Method and click OK.

  6. After the map is printed, click the File | New command or click the button to open a new plot window.

  7. Click No when asked if you want to save changes to the plot.

The tutorial map can be printed for tablet calibration and digitizing.



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