Create Calibration Points - Tutorial

The Create Calibration Points dialog is used to enter the coordinates for the calibration points.


To create the calibration points:

  1. With the mouse, click in the Point ID column in row one and type CP1; the ID for the first calibration point.

  2. Click in the World X cell with the mouse. Enter the X coordinate for CP1 (1200).

  3. Click in the World Y cell and enter the Y coordinate for CP1 (4000).

  4. Move your puck on the tablet to the CP1 location (cross) in the lower left corner of the map. Click your digitizing button on the puck to enter the Tablet X and Tablet Y coordinates into the calibration table. Try to be as precise as possible when clicking on the calibration points as your resulting data are only as good as your calibration.

  5. Click the Add Point button in the Create Calibration Points dialog.

  6. Repeat these steps until you have entered all four calibration points and coordinates. You should see four black + symbols in the graphic in the lower right corner of the dialog when you have clicked on all four calibration points. Each point has a number beside it, indicating the row in the calibration table. If you make a mistake, you can click the row number and then redigitize the point.

Point ID

World X

World Y













The calibration points should look like these table values.


  1. Once you are satisfied with the calibration points, click Next to open the RMS Calibration Settings dialog.

The Create Calibration Points dialog contains the X, Y values you input in the

World X and World Y columns and the values you click on in the Tablet X and Tablet Y columns.


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