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Didger® is a digitizing and coordinate conversion software. You can digitize maps, aerial photographs, graphs, or any other data with Didger. When working with your project, you can digitize onscreen with your computer's mouse, or digitize directly from a paper copy using a digitizing tablet.


Didger provides extensive flexibility in working with your data. You can import image files, data files, or vector files directly into Didger. Didger supports multiple layers to help organize your project, georeferencing images, image warping (rubber sheeting), combining georeferenced images into a new image, overlaying vector, data, and georeferenced images on each other, easily adding graticule or grid lines to your project, and associating many different attritubtes to each object. Didger also includes comprehensive editing tools for creating and editing objects and images.


Data transformation and coordinate conversion capabilities, in addition to Golden Software's comprehensive map projection library, easily permits reprojection or recalibration of data into almost any coordinate system. You can assign or change the projection of any imported vector map, imported image, or objects drawn on the project page. Then, change the projection, coordinate system, or datum. Or, create your own custom datum. Didger 5 is fully compatible with other software. It imports and exports data, vector, and raster files in the most popular formats.


With Didger, you can easily draw objects

with a mouse or a digitizing tablet.


Examples of Didger Uses

The following are a few examples of ways to use Didger.


System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for Didger are:

Digitizing tablets are optional hardware items that can be used with Didger.



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