Assigning the Projection - Tutorial

Once it is determined that the project does not have a projection defined, it is very easy in Didger to define the projection.


To define the projection,

  1. Click the Map | Coordinate Conversion command or click the button.

  2. In the Coordinate Conversion dialog, click the Destination System button.

  3. On the left side of the Assign Coordinate System dialog, select Projected Coordinates.

  4. Click the next to Predefined.

  5. Click the next to Projected Systems.

  6. Click the next to UTM.

  7. Click the next to North America.

  8. Click the North America NAD83 UTM zone 13N system.

  9. Click OK to close the Assign Coordinate System dialog.

  10. Click in the empty box next to the Input Data Units option. Select Meters from the list.

  11. Click OK and the projection is defined for the project.


Select the projection from the list. This is the projection in which the system is already calibrated.



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