Changing the Projection - Tutorial

The projection of any Didger project can be changed to any projection system.  The file we currently have open is now in North America NAD83 UTM Zone 13N. If we want to see the file in another system, such as state plane or latitude and longitude, the Map | Change Projection command is used. The projection is often changed when the file needs to be exported for use in another program.


  1. Click the Map | Change Projection command.

  2. In the Assign Coordinate System dialog, select the desired system. Click the next to Predefined.

  3. Click the next to Projected Systems.

  4. Click the next to State Plane.

  5. Click the next to 1983.

  6. Click the State Plane 1983 - Colorado North (Feet) system.

  7. Click OK and the project is converted to the new system. In this case, the file is now in state plane feet coordinates. In some cases, no visual change is apparent, until you examine the coordinates listed in the Coordinate Manager or in the status bar. In this case, the image warps and appears at an angle.

The image warps to the new projection, displaying state plane feet.


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