Resample Polyline

Click the Draw | Resample Polyline command to resample along either the X or Y axis of a selected polyline. The project must be calibrated with Cartesian coordinates to use this command. Resample Polyline is designed specifically for well log resampling to create a data value at specified depth increments.


This function is not designed to work with polygon objects or polylines that loop back on themselves. The polylines should have X or Y values that are ordered and are ascending or descending. If your data are not arranged this way, then use the Thin and Smooth command instead.

These types of polylines can be used with Resample Polylines.


Polygons and polylines that loop back upon themselves

cannot be used with Resample Polylines.


In the Resample Polylines dialog, you can choose to Resample Along the X Axis or Resample Along the Y Axis. For the axis you choose, enter a Starting Value, Ending Value, and Increment Value for resampling.


You can check the Create New Line check box to leave the original polyline as is and create a new polyline, usually for comparison purposes.



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