Saving a Didger Project - Tutorial

Didger project .PJT files save all the calibration information, the XY coordinates for digitized objects, the projection, the object properties, and the IDs associated with the objects. Although the .PJT files cannot be used in any other applications, these files preserve the Didger data so you can recall the file later. This allows you to add additional data, to edit any existing data, or to export the data to a file that can be used in other applications.


If you have not done so already, it is recommend that you complete lesson 2 and lesson 3 to calibrate a project and draw symbols in the project.


To save the existing project in a .PJT file:

  1. Click the File | Save command or click the  button. Since this is a new Didger project, the Save As dialog is displayed, allowing you to save the file to any name.

  2. Highlight the File name field contents, type the name Example_Save, and then click the Save button. The file Example_Save.pjt is saved and the .PJT extension is placed on the file automatically.



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Note: if you are using the demo version of Didger, the files cannot be saved or exported. Proceed to Lesson 9 - Digitizing Objects with Shared Borders instead.