Drawing the Recovery Wells - Tutorial

The recovery wells shown on the tutorial map do not use sequential IDs, but they do use the same symbol types. When you want to place several points on the map, you can choose the Draw | Symbol command or click the button for each point; or you can create several points without selecting the command or tool each time. By default, the Create Several option is checked. However, since we unchecked it to create the monitoring wells, we will need to re-check the option.


To create several points:

  1. Click the Draw | Symbol command or click the  button.

  2. In the Property Manager, in the Increment Settings section, check the box next to the Create Several option.

  3. The box should still be checked next to the Enter Data After Creation option. If it is not checked, check it.

  4. In the Symbol Properties section, click the existing symbol next Symbol and select the  symbol (symbol 21) from the list.

  5. Click on the current Fill Color to open the color palette and click on the color Green to select it.

  6. To change the outside line color of the symbol, click on the current Line color and click on the color Green to select it. Now both the outside and inside of the symbol will be green.

  7. Move the puck or mouse over one of the recovery wells (named with RW#x) on the map and click the digitizing button or left mouse button.

  8. In the Enter Object Data dialog, type the name for the recovery well into the Primary field and click OK.

  9. Continue clicking on the recovery well points and entering the primary IDs into the Enter Object Data dialog until all four recovery wells are created.

  10. After the fourth point, press the ESC key on your keyboard or click the  button to exit drawing mode.



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