Image (Bitmap) Export Options Dialog

The Export Options dialog allows you to specify options which determine how the image will be exported to a bitmap file. There are different page options depending on the type of bitmap file being exported.


Size and Color Page

JPEG Options Page

Spatial References Page



You may specify the output bitmap size in pixels (by modifying the Width and Height controls), or you may specify a resolution in dots per inch (by modifying the Horizontal and Vertical controls) and let the application calculate the output bitmap size for you. To maintain an aspect ratio of 1:1 in the output image, you may check Maintain Aspect Ratio. Higher resolution will yield a better-looking image, but at the expense of requiring more memory and disk space to hold the bitmap.



There are extra options when exporting to a .JPG (JPEG) file. If Automatic Compression is checked, the image will be exported to .JPG file using a compression ratio the program thinks is appropriate. If the Automatic Compression is not checked, you can enter a quality value (0 - 100) in the Quality edit box. Specifying 0 yields the most compression, but the lowest quality. Specifying 100 yields the highest quality, but the least compression.


Spatial Reference Information

Some applications associate spatial reference information (such as projection, datum, and georeference parameters) with bitmap images representing a region of the Earth’s surface. If the program you’re running has spatial reference information to export, additional controls will appear in the Bitmap Export Options dialog.


Most bitmap file storage formats don’t have a way to store the spatial reference information in the same file as the bitmap image. For these formats, the only way the spatial reference information can be saved is in a separate file. Two bitmap storage formats, GeoTIFF (Geographic Tagged Image File Format) and GeoJP2 (Geographic Compressed JPG), allows the spatial reference information to be stored in one file, along with the image.


If no boxes are checked, no spatial reference information will be saved.



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