Tagged Image File Format .TIF File Description

The tagged image file format .TIF or .TIFF is a file format for storing images, including photographs and line art. The TIFF format is widely supported by a variety of applications.


Didger can import and export .TIF and .TIFF files.


The TIFF specification allows an unusually wide variety of different formats and encodings within the same file format. While the filter can read most of the common variants of TIFF, it would be impractical to develop software to read every possible variant. The TIFF filter supports a wide variety of TIFF files that use the PlanarConfiguration 2 encodings.


TIFF images that contain bit per pixel counts other than 1, 4, 8, 16, 24, or 32 may not be readable depending on the encoding and alignment of the data.


TIFF images that are encoded with photometric interpretation models other than RGB, YCbCr, grayscale, or monochrome may not be readable. In particular, some YUV encodings cannot be imported.


Some of the compression algorithms allowable under the TIFF specification are not supported by Didger.


Some .TIF files contain size information. If the .TIF does not contain actual georeference coordinates, it will be imported with these size coordinates, if available. If not available, the image is imported with pixel count as the units.



Only a single map object can be exported to a GeoTIFF.


Import Options

No import options dialog is displayed.


Export Options

See Tagged Image File Format .TIF Export Options Dialog, Size and Color, and Spatial References




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