Coordinate Manager

The Coordinate Manager contains the vertex coordinates of selected objects.


Show or Hide Manager

Use the View | Toolbars/Managers command to show or hide the Coordinate Manager. A check mark is displayed next to visible managers. To show a manager, click on the manager name to place a checkmark next to the manager and make the manager visible. Uncheck the manager to hide it.


Viewing Coordinates

To view an object's coordinates, select a single object. The coordinates appear in the selected Display Units or in Cartesian units, if no projection is defined.  When a coordinate pair is clicked on in the Coordinate Manager, the vertex is highlighted as a black hatched square in the plot window. If you have more than one object selected, no coordinates are displayed in the Coordinate Manager.


Changing the Display Units in the Coordinate Manager

The Display Units control the coordinate units seen in the status bar, the Coordinate Manager, and when you export  your file to any georeferenced file type. You can change the display units of the project to a number of choices such as, centimeters, inches, feet, miles, yards, kilometers, etc.


Modifying an Object's Coordinates

You can edit a selected object's coordinates in a project by double-clicking the cell of the X or Y field for the coordinate, type the new number, and press ENTER on the keyboard. The vertex or point moves automatically to the new location in the plot window.



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