Editing Polylines - Tutorial

If you have traced lines by holding down the puck digitizing button or the left mouse button, the lines are most likely a bit jagged. Several tools are available to help you edit polygons and polylines. Refer to the Draw menu and the associated help topics for more information on these tools. Hint: if you highlight a command and click F1 on your keyboard, the specific topic opens.


If you would like to experiment with a smoothing a line:

  1. Click on a polyline to select it. If you are having difficulty selecting a line, click on the line in the Data Manager.

  2. Click the Draw | Thin and Smooth command or click the  button.

  3. Select Vertex Averaging in the Line Thinning and Smoothing dialog.

  4. Set the Average Rate to 3.

  5. Click OK and the line appears smoother.


If the Vertex Averaging does not produce the desired line, click the Edit | Undo command and click the Draw | Thin and Smooth command again. Experiment with the various other smoothing methods until the line appears as desired.


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