Download the Online Map - Tutorial

To download an online map overlay,

  1. Click the Image | Download Online Maps command or click on the button.

  2. In the Download Online Maps dialog, click the next to the Imagery section in the Select Data Source box.

  3. Click the next to NAIP Color Imagery for US to open the NAIP group.

  4. Click on USGS_EROS_Ortho_NAIP to select the NAIP map web server.

  5. In the Select Area to Download section, the Specify Latitude/Longitude extents is automatically selected. This sets the limits based on the previously defined map extents. The image will be limited to the area determined by the Golden_Roads.shp file that was previously imported.

  6. In the Select Image Resolution to Download section, drag the slider to the right to increase the image resolution. The farther to the right the slider is located, the better the resolution and the larger the image. Clicking on one of the lines on the left side of the slider downloads a map of sufficient quality that is smaller in size.

Select the resolution along the slider. This image is approximately

18 MB in size, which should provide sufficient resolution in most cases.

  1. After all of the options are set, click OK to download the image.

  2. When the progress gauge is finished, a warning message may appear. If the Would you like to re-project the bitmap to the current projection system? message appears, click Yes.


The image is added to the project, on top of the other objects. To move the image behind the other objects,

  1. Click on the image to select it.

  2. Click the Arrange | Order Objects | Move to Back command or click the button.

  3. In the Layer Manager, click on the WMS-USGS_EROS_Ortho_NAIP layer.

  4. Drag the layer to the bottom of the layer list. The roads appear directly on top of the image.


After the image is downloaded, the street lines overlay the image.



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