ESRI ArcInfo Binary Grid .ADF File Description

Didger can import ESRI Arc/Info binary grid files .ADF.


The Arc/Info Binary Grid format is the internal working format of the Arc/Info Grid product. This format should not be confused with the Arc/Info ASCII Grid format which is the interchange format for grids.


A grid coverage (or data set) actually consists of a number of files. A grid normally lives in its own directory named after the grid. For example, the grid nwgrd1 lives in the directory nwgrd1, and has the following component files:

Import Options Dialog

No import options dialog is displayed.


Export Options

Didger does not currently export this format.


Note: ESRI ArcMap or ArcCatalog requires that .ADF files do not have spaces in the file names. If you want to include a space, it is recommended that you replace all spaces with an underscore (_).



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