Golden Software Reference Files

If you have looked in a folder that contains a boundary file exported from Didger, you may have noticed files with a .GSR2 extension in the folder. These Golden Software Reference files are created when you export a projected boundary from Didger in any of the vector or image formats that do not carry projection information in it. For example, if you export a projected boundary as an Atlas Boundary file, and check the GS Reference (Version 1) file or GS Reference (Versions 2) file check boxes in the Spatial References export options page, FILENAME.BNA is created and FILENAME.BNA.GSR or FILENAME.BNA.GSR2 are also created. You can also choose to create a Golden Software Reference file when you export a georeferenced file.


Golden Software Reference files contain the projection settings used to project the boundary in Didger. Projection, datum, and georeference information are stored in the .GSR2 file. When you import a boundary that has an associated .GSR2 file into Didger, the projection information is used when displaying the map even though the file format does not support projections. If the Golden Software Reference file is deleted, the boundary can be imported but you must supply the projection information during import.



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