Golden Software Blanking .BLN Export Options Dialog

The Export Options dialog allows you to specify options which determine how information in the file is exported.


Specify the BLN export options in the Export Options dialog.


Break Apart Compound Areas

Choose Break apart compound areas to have compound areas (those containing islands or lakes) output as separate area entities. This option should be chosen if the .BLN file is to be used as a boundary file. Do not choose this option if the .BLN file is to be used as a blanking file.


Blank Areas

The Blank areas section contains the option to set the BLN file blanking flag to either blank inside or blank outside. Select the appropriate option. With a simple BLN file with a single polygon, the blanking flag is located in cell B1. A zero (0) is displayed when blanking outside the area and a one (1) is displayed when blanking inside the area. The Blank areas option sets the blanking flag for all polygons in the BLN file.



The Defaults button sets all options to default conditions.



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